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Acceptance Speech 0f District Governor-Elect (2012-13) Lion Hasmukh Jobanputra at the 21st Annual District Conference of District 323 A2 held on 10th April, 2011 at Smt. Zaverben Popatlal Sabhagrah, Ghatkcpar (East), Mumbai.

Presiding Officer District Governor, Lion Rajesh Prajapati & LL Sunitaji, Past International Director Lion Premchand Bafanaji & LL Shashiprabhaji, 1st Vice District Governor (Elect) Lion Mahesh Gupta & Lion Jyotiji, 2nd Vice District Governor (Elect) Lion Ashok Joshi and Lion Chandralekhaji, Past District Governors, Cabinet Officers, Cub Officers, Fellow Lions & Leos and Lionesses, distinguished ladies and gentlemen.

Before I proceed I pay my gratitude & respect to my late father Shri Virchand Laxmichand Jobanputra & mother Smt. Lalitaben Jobanputrawith whose blessings I am on this earth with worth

I would like to congratulate both the Vice District Governors (Elect) on their election to their respective offices for the Lionistic years 2011-12. I also wish to record my appreciation for Lion Maneshwar Nayak for accepting the election results with nobility.

I firmly believe that Lionism gets its source of strength from its motto "We Serve". That being the case, permit me to open my Acceptance Address with a quotation by a revered philosopher William Ward and I quote: "There are 3 keys to more abundant living: Caring about others, Daring for others and Sharing with others." It is the sum total of the philosophy of Lionism to which we all belong.

I am convinced beyond all reasonable doubts that the happiest business in the world is making friends and no investment in the world pays larger dividends. It is said that when a man is wrapped up in himself, he makes a pretty small package. Today, I stretch forth a hand of friendship in service to all the Lions & Leos, Lionesses and Lion Ladies of the District 323A2. Together, we shall take Lionism to greater heights.

My dear friends, soon after the Official Call was issued for the 19th Annual District Conference, as a nominee for the 2nd Vice District Governor, I wrote to you all seeking your support at my election outlining therein my record in Lionism, my credentials and work experience, the home front, my agenda and the part I expect to play. President Roosevelt said and I quote "When you cease to make a contribution, you begin to die. Giving is the barometer of our love for others". Since then I have diligently and consistently served the cause of Lionism in line with my avowed commitment to remain loyal and steadfast. I have neither taken you or any Lions’ assignment for granted. I travelled on visitations with the District Governor and the Senate Members and also attended as many projects as was possible

Friends, I need your help more than you have ever given; to move the District forward and give Lionism a new vista in our District. It is in this regard that I appeal to all the respected Past District Governors, both the Vice District Governors (Elect), Cabinet and non-Cabinet Lion Members, Club Officers, Fellow Lions, Leos and Lionesses to team up with me tirelessly to serve our District and through it the masses who need us and uphold the Flag of Lionism.

The motto of our association "We Serve" was founded on the strategy of team spirit. We share the same destiny in Lionism. Therefore, we must work as one and together we shall excel in our quest to serve humanity. There is a special something within each of us that excites, inspires and drives us to become what we are destined to be. It’s our extraordinary need to succeed. Our future unfolds one moment at a time. What we do with each moment at hand determines what we become and what we ultimately accomplish. We need to exceed those expectations we hold for ourselves, that means making exceptional excellence a way of life. Live everyday like it was your last day on earth with nothing to lose and every thing to gain. Set your sights on exceeding yourself daily. If you are ready, willing and able to take a chance on yourself, striving to exceed each and every time, then a lifetime of unparalleled excellence awaits you. Instead of walls, let us build bridges. Abraham Lincoln once said, "whatever you are, be a good one" and I say be good Lions always.


My appeal for support has gone out to Lions of our District with hearts of gold and since the expressions right here and now on your faces have assured me of your sustained support, I accept with humility and seriousness of purpose to serve Lions Clubs International as the 22nd District Governor of our prestigious District 323 A2 for the lionistic year 2011-12.



You all are aware that for many years I am talking about shift from charity to philanthropy. I may say that Indian philanthropy is as yet emerging. Here I am particularly talking about strategic philanthropy which is about finding long term solutions rather than treating symptoms. It is about the broader impact and systemic changes and impactful and efficient lionism. I think we need to move forward in this direction. One approach which needs to be pioneered and followed intensely on small number of important areas and become a serious force in these realms.


We are all seriously concerned with the rapid determination of the world’s oceans coasts and atmosphere. We are similarly concerned about the devastating effect of climate change on the oceans, on ecosystems across the world and on the ability of people to develop and prosper. Fortunately there are practical’s solutions, reducing energy waste, developing inexpensive renewable energy technologies and reducing the rate of deforestation. We need to make a humble beginning in this direction. Because the climate change threat must be dealt with in the next decade — after which, may be the world locks into irreversible damage.


India’s greatest strength is the educated masses. But it is equally true that our greatest weakness is its uneducated masses. We must play a greater role in field of education, particularly in primary education. Education has been called the technique of transmitting civilization. In order that it may transmit civilization, it has to perform two major functions, it must enlighten the understanding and it must enrich the character. I think if we could do some progress we can say we have done well.

1. Rekindle our interest on literacy projects for education is the basic tenet under which the whole of life hinge.

2. Aggressively drive for new quality members in order to extend our horizon through Membership, Retention and Orientation.

3. Build our internal capacity through training to facilitate in-depth understanding of the tenets of Lionism. Learning brings vibrancy to your life. The person who is afraid of asking is afraid of learning. Try to learn from every one. From some, learn what to do and from others learn what not to do.

4. Raise the profile of our organization through effective publicity and awareness generation.


As the District Governor, I promise to:

i) Be available for consultations, discussions and fellowship that will add value to our theme.

ii) Attend as many projects as possible and delegate when there is clash of date and time.

iii) Visit Clubs at their Meetings between September 2011 and February 2012.

iv) Encourage the Charter of new clubs i.e. raise Membership strength through Extension.

v) Encourage improved participation of PDGS at Lions activities by consciously involving and tapping into their wealth of experience and also encouraging their attendance and participation at all Lions activities and Meetings.

vi) Commission Lions Service Projects all over the District.

vii) Attend to all other Lions business that will promote the well being of the District and stamp the mark of excellence on activities of our District.


a) Always wear our Lions’ Pin and be proud of wearing it

b) Be punctual at Meetings and Lions’ events.

c) Wear the activity jackets proudly to showcase District Service Organization. lf the one which you had is not usable, get a new one and be proud to wear it.

d) Pay your Club Dues and wherever applicable District dues promptly and without any hesitation. District Chairpersons are expected to pay their Cabinet dues latest by 30th June, 2011 and obtain a No Dues Certificate from the Clubs before date of Cabinet Installation.

e) As District Chairperson it is your responsibility to make your club strong and healthier.

f) All the PU-101 forms should reach International by 15th May, 2011 with copies marked to District Secretariat.

g) Clubs’ investiture must end by 31st July 2011 for officers to be effective.

h) While the Administration of the Club will be in the domain of the Club Officers, I will expect Cabinet Members to guide and help their club in fulfilling the various norms at the District, Multiple District and International levels like filing of MMRs as per directive.

i) Build trust and accountability at all levels.

j) Provide quality service at all levels. Be driven by Excellence.

k) Promote positive relationship with relevant governmental, non governmental and International agencies



The Lions District Slogan for year 2011-2012 is an amalgamation of a thought process that is born out of a passion for SERVICE, imprinted on a canvas of HUMILITY, using a paintbrush of VISION and spattered with colors of JOY Powered with Joy, the spinning wheel of time is set to travel through the Lionistic Year 2011-2012 with yarns of Vision, weaves of Humility and hues of Service.


I would now request Chief Guest, Past International Director Lion Premchand Bafna to unveil the District Logo for the Lionistic Year 2011 -12.

I take pleasure in presenting the first District Pin to Senior Past District Governor Lion Premchand Bafana, District Governor Lion Rajesh Prajapati, 1st Vice District Governor (Elect) Lion Mahesh Gupta and 2nd Vice District Governor (Elect) Lion Ashok Joshi.


I wish to especially thank my friend & wife for the last 40 plus years sharing my trials and tribulations, successes and failures — Hema for being the towering influence on my life — both as an individual as well as a Lion. Thank you, Hema.

My two daughters — Kruti and Khyati — for their support all through my Lionistic pursuit. I also like to thank my Home Club —Lions Club of Jagdusha Hills - for the support and love as well as sponsoring my nominations right from the beginning as a candidate for Vice District. 2nd Vice District Governor in 2009-10, 1st Vice District Governor in 2010-11 and now as District Governor for 2011 -12. Thank you Lion Friends for your support all along. I will also like to thank the Sponsoring Committee Chairpersons during the relevant years and Lion Aarti Shah for the year 2010-11. I wish to assure the members that as an ambassador of the club, I shall continue to project the virtues and values of our great club. I also would like to thank Lion Rajul Patel for rendering my Nomination Speech once again in a delectable manner.

I would also like to thank Lioness Uma Nagpal of Lioness Club of Vasant Vihar for beautifully designing the District Logo for the Lionistic Year 2011-12, which was unveiled earlier.

My thoughts also go back to my leader, late Lion Ashok Kumbhar with whom I shared an excellent relationship both lionistically and personally. I will greatly miss him. I would also like to thank District Governor Lion Rajesh Prajapati,LL Sunitaji and Lion Ashvini Kumbhar for all the love and affection they showered on me and Hema

The torch bearers of the District in the not too distant past were more understanding and supporting to me in my formative years as a Lion. I learnt the brasstacks of Lionism from the school of Past District Governors with some of whom I had the privilege of working as an under study or interact with others who were more seniors. However, I would like to make specific mention of Lion Rajnibhai Shah, Lion B.R. Mehta and Lion Surinder Sharma under whom I worked as District Cabinet Treasurer, District Cabinet Secretary and Sight First Chairman respectively which paved the way for me to understand the rudiments of District Administration. However, I hope to get the full cooperation of all the Past District Governors during the year.

I crave for understanding and prayers more than ever before. Families and friends will agree with me that Hema and I relate more like friends and secondly as husband-wife. We both covet your prayers and understanding.

My victory on this seat is contingent on how long you stay on your knees and toes. I am very confident of your support and prayers. I sincerely thank you. My wonderful cousins, elders, nephews and nieces and my partners - I love you all so very much.

The mother of all thanks goes to you all Lions, Leos, Lionesses and Lion Ladies of our District for your support and encouragement over the years culminating into what we are seeing here today.


In conclusion I am reminded of the saying of Helen Keller and I quote "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing". I know the task ahead of me is huge but I take solace in Peter Marshall who says "No one achieves greatness without being of service - the measurement of life is not in its duration, but in its donation. Every one of us can be great because every one of us can serve". I reiterate that Service and Service alone will be the mantra of the Lionistic year 2011-12.

The roots of true achievement lie in the will to become the best that you can become. Whatever you do, elevate your standards of quality. You were created for creativity. Design your eyes to look for opportunity, your ears to listen for direction. Everything great started as somebody’s dream. Make a daily demand on your creativity and learn to see the unseen. Success and growth are unlikely if you always do things the way you’ve always done them. Let us be humbled by God’s given opportunity to serve so that we do not stumble. Let your life history be written, not by a pen but with your actions. Between 1st July, 2011 and 30th June 2012, we shall meet lots of obstacles but remember that problems are the price of progress. These challenges, at the end of the day should make us better, not bitter and when we are not bitter, we will appreciate the fact that is a thousand times easier to criticize than create and that is why critics are never problem solvers.

I love you all and I thank you all.

However, before I resume my seat, I would like to introduce my Micro Team, while I thank each one of them for kindly accepting my invitation to be in various positions, I would request them to come on the dais along with their spouses:

Designation Name of Lion Spouse Name Home Club
District Cabinet Secretary Lion Vijay Ganatra LL Bharati Turbhe
District Cabinet Treasurer Lion William Sequeira LL Jecintha Lakeside
Principal Advisor Lion Pravin Thakkar LL Vasumati Ghatkopar
Additional District Cabinet Secretary Lion Pravin Bhalla LL Dr. Jyoti Chembur
Jt. District Cabinet Secretary Lion Lunkaran Tawari LL Lata Vashi
Jt. District Cabinet Secretary Lion Shailesh Poddar LL Vinita Thane North
Jt. District Cabinet Treasurer Lion Dinesh Vadivalla Vidhyavihar
Jt. District Cabinet Treasurer Lion Dr. Namita Mishra Dr. Alok N.R.I.

As I have already mentioned about GMT & GLT Team, the chairperson of these Committee also will be a part of DG’s Micro Team. I have great pleasure in inviting and presenting.

Designation Name of Lion Spouse Name Home Club
GMT Chairperson Lion Mukesh Taneja LL Deepa C.B.D.
GLT Team Leadership Lion Seema Pai Lion Satyu Pai Vashi

Friends as I stated earlier "Service’ and ‘Service’ will be only mantra for Lionistic Year, I have invited ‘Activities Chairperson’ to be a part of DG’s Micro Team as it will make possible for me to interact and plan with him on regular basis. Therefore now I invite and present before you ‘Activities Chairperson’ Lion Nitin Shetty and Lion Shobha as a member of DG’s Micro Team.

At this point I would like to inform the club leaders that D.G. Visitation will be done by some members of Micro Team only on basis of region of club and as per club’s convenience.

In addition, I would like to introduce Executive Secretary Shri S. S. Mani who will continue to provide back up support to the Micro Team and I would request him to join me on the dais. Besides, I would like to introduce Leo District President (Elect) Leo Akanksha Sharma from Leo Club of Vashi Leo District Vice President (Elect) Leo Paulomi Patel from Leo Club of Sarvodayanagar.

Friends we are running short of time. So I will introduce other committee chairpersons at other appropriate function.

Friends before I close, I earnestly request not to present any flowers or gifts during my visit to your club or any function. I also request not to introduce District Governors and Vice District Governor during the D. G. visit.

This, then is the core team and I would request all the Lions, Leos, Lionesses and Lion Ladies of the District to extend their arm of togetherness "to serve maximum number of people for the maximum number of times to the maximum extent."

Thank you. God Bless you all.

Lion Mahesh Gupta
District Governor - Elect (2012-2013)
8th April, 2012