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Acceptance Speech 0f District Governor-Elect (2014-15) PMJF Lion Anil Jadhav at the 24th Annual District Conference of District 323 A2 held on 6th April, 2014 at Smt. Zaverben Popatlal Sabhagrah, Ghatkcpar (East), Mumbai.

Presiding Officer District Governor Lion Ashokji and first lady Lion Chandralekhaji, Immediate Past International President Lion Wayne Madden, Past International President and Lions pride of India Lion Dr Ashok Mehta, Past International Director and 2nd International Vice President Endorsee, Lion Naresh Agarwal,1st District Governor (Elect) Lion Nitin Shetty, and Lion Shobha and Second Vice District Governor (Elect) Lion Subhash Bhalwal and Lion Upindra Bhalwal, Galaxy of Past District Governors and their gracious Lion ladies, Cabinet Officers, fellow Lions and Leos and Lionesses and distinguished ladies and gentlemen.

Before I proceed further let me first congratulate the First Vice District Governor Elect Lion Nitin Shetty and Second Vice District (Elect) Lion Subhash Bhalwal on their election as successor to me in 2015/16 and thereafter.

Friends I am extremely delighted that I succeed an Illustrious Lion who proved his leadership qualities beyond any measure of doubt.

A very successful District Picnic to Kashmir with more than 110 lions,

Taking the responsibility of hosting First LCCI meet in Mumbai along with District 323A and doing it wonderfully well and with full credits and bravado And thereafter taking full credit for managing with extraordinary skills and perfection and quality for organizing 3rd Multiple Council Meting at Hotel Four Point at Navi Mumbai.

I would like to congratulate out District Governor Ashokji for leading the district in a very efficient, effective and exemplary manner. I must also confess it was sheer joy and. I am sure Ist VDG elect will agree with me. I thank him for all his cooperation and guidance in enabling the GMT Team giving a very good performance this year.

I am really grateful to you all who helped me to learn more and more of the Lions leadership, its complexities and its benefits, its dedication to the service and humanity and the unparalleled fellowship.

The more I try to remember the more I become humble towards the great relationship we developed, nourished and then it becomes difficult to live without or almost to become nostalgic .I cannot forget the love and affection and your cooperation extended to me during the last two years as Vice District Governor II and Vice district Governor one. I am sure you will extend me the same love and affection and cooperation during 2014-15.


Friends I believe that there is supreme energy whom many of us call as God who decides our roles and guides us on the path which is pre-decided. It is because of Him I stood before you as the second Vice District Governor on 8th April 2013 and as First Vice District Governor for the year 2013-14 and today as the District Governor elect for the year 2014-15.

I express my deep gratitude to each and every club of our district for their valuable support and my special thanks to my Home Club - Lions Club of Alibag for its love ,support and for sponsoring of my nomination for 2nd VDG in April 2012 for the year 2012-13 and again as a Candidature as 1st VDG for the Lionistic Year 2013-14 and today as District Governor for the year 2014-15. I also thank the sponsoring committee Chairpersons Lion Harshad Gharat and President Lion Girish Mhatre and other senior and important Lion members who stood by me at all times - Lion Anil Mhatre, Lion Pravin Sarnaik, Lion Sanjay Karve, Lion Shirish Lele, Lion Mahendra Patil and the new young band like Lion Paresh Bhateja, Lion Rahul Pradhan, Lion Bhagwan Malpani, Lion Pankaj Kothari, Lion Sanjay Patil, the Lioness Club of Alibag and the 3 new Clubs who joined the Alibag Lions family - Lions Club of Alibag Mandwa, Poynad and Rewdanda and their Presidents Lion Nitin Adhikari, Lion Satish Patil, Lion Sharad Patil, Lion Atul Vartak and many more who stood with me whose names I cannot take because of paucity of time but who have come all the way from Alibag.

My thanks once again goes to Lion Harshad Gharat for rendering my nominations speech in such a fine fashion today.

I thank Our District Governor Lion Ashok Joshiji and Lion Chandralekhaji for the respect and affection they showered on me and lastly my partner in all the good and bad, at all the time Arundhati my source of energy and my peace.

I express my deep respect and regards to our all Past District Governors for their support and guidance. I had the pleasure of working with some of them in their respective cabinets which certainly helped me to grow both as a Lion and as a human being.. I humbly bow to each one of them and to their respective Lion Ladies for their love and affection and I seek their continued support and blessings.

My thanks go to you all Lions, Lion Ladies , Leos and Lionesses of our district for their continued support and encouragement over the years culminating what you are seeing today .

Now with all my humility and all seriousness of purpose I accept the position of 25th Governor of District 323A2.

Friends exactly on 8th of April, 2012 you all elected me as your Second Vice District Governor on the basis of my experience and acceptability as a Lion. I am sure you are satisfied with my performance and involvement. I have fulfilled all my obligations diligently and honestly to the best of my ability under the able leadership of our Immediate Past District Governor Lion Mahesh Gupta and District Governor Lion Ashok Joshi as well on my performance to look after GLT and GMT which has shown excellent results in Leadership and Membership. My thanks to GMT and GLT Coordinators - Lion Sanjeev Suryavanshi and Lion Krishnadas Balan respectively and DC - Club Excellence Process, Lion Lunkaran Tawari.

And now my friends I need your help more than you have ever given to me to move the district forward and give Lionism a new vista in our district .It is in this regard that I appeal to all the respected Past District Governors, First and Second Vice District Governors (Elect), Cabinet and Non-Cabinet Lion members, Club Officers, fellow Lions, Leos and Lionesses to strengthen my hands by your involvement in the district and your club affairs.

On 7th April, 2013 at this very same venue you elected me as the First Vice District Governor and again today as District Governor for the year 2014-15. I appeal to you all to strengthen the District by all means by your commitment to achieve my goals in line with the programme of our incoming International President Lion Joseph Preston outlined as International Theme 2014-15.

International Theme 2014-15.

During 2014-15, we can Strengthen the Pride of Lions by bringing 1.35million members of lions family closer together working in a spirit of cooperation and understanding. Friends with the time constraints I would be reading only main points of International President' program for 2014-15 and so also our District Program but the detailed speech would be made available to you after this meeting.

  • Strengthen the Pride through Service
  • Strengthen the pride through Membership Development.
  • Ask one or every Lion to invite at least one new member
  • Set your expectations
  • Every club needs a plan
  • Special training for PSTs and new members during the year
  • Rebuild the existing Clubs
  • Strengthen the Pride of your club.
  • Strengthen the Pride through leadership
  • Strengthen the Pride through Partnership
  • Strengthen the Pride through Rededication By giving, through Creativity, through courage and conviction.

And Now, friends - My plans for our district.

I would like to work with same principle of unity and Harmony. However strengthening of the bonds of Lionism with manifold multiplications in the number of hands those are ready to serve and the big thrust in activities with the aim of getting set for the centenary celebrations in 2017. For this, GMT and GLT would be supported with additional help.

It will be my endeavor to help strengthen the clubs at the ground level .While we come together for service to the humanity and the downtrodden, our aim would be constantly to strive for excellence. The Club Excellence Process becomes our Bible or Gita. Leos activity will have a special and expanded role to play.


Women Empowerment - which also include self-defence by women which is need of time by involving Govt. Agencies like RAPID ACTION FORCE & POLICE

Lions Quest, Lions Alert, Hunger, Reading Action Program and Environment will be our thrust areas. Sight first and other activities including health and children will continue to have the same importance but we need to contribute on a priority basis for the undernourished children of Anganwadies and make permanent solution to provide the proper and hygienic food with nutrients .

Friends, I would like to strengthen the administration and as a first step decided to reduce the size of Cabinet to only 135/140 strong. (Lions who could not find place would be given most important assignment of strengthening their Clubs and Lionism at large). However we would like to invite them in District Cabinet Meetings to share their experiences/views. Not only that; they will be made part of Club Excellence Process


Support Permanent Projects and Image building projects and support Inviting local leaders and dignitaries in the service projects and Region Conferences and DG visits.

International President's programme on membership - Each One Bring One - shall be adopted as our district program and taking into account the expected increase in membership we have not only made infrastructural arrangements for Additional Region Chairpersons and Zone Chairpersons positions but we have strengthened the Orientation and club excellence teams so that whatever members we add are not dropped till 2017

Propagating and pushing the Clubs for membership dues are paid latest by the day of Club Installation every year.

District Theme and Logo.

I would like to invite PDG Lion C.D. Shah to unveil the District Logo for the Lionistic year 2014-15

Now, I would like to announce my Micro team for the Lionistic year 2014.15 who will share their expertise, experience, enthusiasm and energy in the service of Lionism. I thank each one of them or accepting my invitation to shoulder various responsibilities.

Designation Name of Lion Home Club
District Cabinet Secretary Lion Lunkaran Tawari Vashi
District Cabinet Treasurer Lion Kantilal Goshar Ghatkopar
Principal Advisor Lion Ar. Rakesh Chaumal Hilltop
Principal Coordinator Lion Nagesh Deshmane Panvel
Addl. Dist. Cab. Secretary Lion Ar. Mushtaque Khan Turbhe
Addl. Dist. Cab. Treasurer Lion CA Dinesh Vadiwala Vidhyavihar
Jt. District Cab. Secretary Lion Jyoti Bhuta Ghatkopar Galaxy
Jt. District Cab. Secretary Lion Anoop Tharwani Nerul
Jt. District Cab. Treasurer Lion Sanjay Karve Alibag
Jt. District Cab. Treasurer Lion Jyoti Narvekar Navi Mumbai Diamonds

In order to give thrust to Service Activities, for the first time I am upgrading 6 important committees to the Micro Cabinet Level.

Designation Name of Lion Home Club
P.R. & Lions Information Lion K. J. Paul Thanke Kopri
Activities Lion Hanuman Agarwal Sarvodaynagar
Lions Quest Lion Rajesh Ballamwar Thane North
Centenary & Silver Jubilee Celebrations Lion Manish Shah Mulund
Sightfirst Lion Savitha Nayak
Twinning Lion Maneshwar Nayak Mankhurd

Region Chairpersons

Designation Name of Lion Home Club
Regioin I Lion Khemant Tailor Khopoli
Regioin II Lion Arbinda Pati Nerul
Regioin III Lion Rohidas Sawant Chembur
Regioin IV Lion Rekha Sangani Ghatkopar Galaxy
Regioin V Lion Anagha Gandhi Thane Kopri
Regioin VI Lion Uma Ghatak

In addition, I would like to introduce Executive Secretary Shri S. S. Mani who will continue to provide the back-up to the Micro Team. I would request him to join on the dais

Besides, I would like to introduce Leo District President (Elect) Leo Mihir Rawani from Leo Club of Vidyavihar and Leo District Vice-President, Leo Nilesh Jaywant from Leo Club of Bhiwandi. And, now for the Women Empowerment Lion Lady Auxilary Lion Dr Arundhati from Lions Club of Alibag Lioness District and Leo Districts will be guided by Lioness District Advisor Lion Chhaya Karekar and Leo District Advisor Lion Sanjay Maan

This is the core team and I would request all the Lions, Leos and Lionesses and Lion Ladies of the District to be in the service of the district with full devotion and enthusiasm .

Thank you and God bless you all. Let us Strengthen the Pride of Lionism through Temple of Service.

PMJF Lion Anil Jadhav
District Governor - Elect (2014-2015)
6th April, 2014